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ABA Programs:

BAC’s programmes are highly individualized and capable of working with your child at the early and advanced stages of his or her development. Depending on the needs of your child, the home programme will include both behaviour management and skill building to improve your child’s:

  • Language & communication
  • Play
  • School skills
  • Social skills
  • Adaptive, planning and independent living skills
  • Motor skills
  • Generalization and Maintenance of all abilities

BAC prides itself on offering contemporary language, educational and behavioural interventions based on the principles of Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour. All BAC ABA/AVB programmes are highly individualized to meet the needs of each child. From the child’s perspective, we strive to make BAC programmes fun, flexible, child orientated and motivating, yet systematic.

BAC behaviour modification programs involve skill building in the areas of the child’s deficit skills and behaviour management for inappropriate behavioural excesses. All behavioural interventions are based on Functional Behaviour Analyses and involve teaching replacement behaviours, often communication.

BAC believes that a combination of formal, structured teaching and natural environment teaching provides the best outcome for our clients. Programs and interventions are guided by data collection and the strategies and approaches used are based on a history of research, including;

  • Discrete Trial Instruction
  • Errorless Learning
  • Natural Environment Training
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Pivotal Response Training
  • Social Stories
  • Social Behaviour Mapping
  • PECS
  • Video Modeling

Full Home Programme:

This service is our core provision with BAC providing highly individualized programmes, which include strong language components and are governed by the principles of positive reinforcement for children aged 2-10 years.

For EIBI, research recommends between 20-40 hours of 1:1 tuition per week. Depending on your child’s therapy load, consultation visits will run between every two weeks and two months. At the consultations, your Case Manager will observe therapists working with your child and update the programmes and behavioural interventions as needed. In the interim Case Managers are available for phone consultations and/or email correspondence prior to the next scheduled clinic.

In addition to a Case Manager, with schedules permitting, BAC are able provide a supervisor and/or senior therapist and/or therapist to work with your child and monitor the programme and support other staff members. BAC is also able to provide some guidance to families who will recruit their own therapists. BAC will train your tutors/therapists and also parents and other family members so that the behavioural strategy can become a full-family approach and also improve your child’s generalization of learned skills.


BAC has extensive experience working in educational settings and is available to provide Consultation and Training to mainstream and SEN settings. Our trained Case Managers, Supervisors and therapists are also experienced in shadowing in schools and attending and implementing IEP’s. When the time comes for your child to transition to nursery or school, our expert team will be able to guide and support your child and family.

How do I start an ABA programme?:

To commence an ABA or VB programme with BAC, attend one of our information sessions to find out more or contact us to arrange a phone consultation.